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What services does Camperdown Health and Hygiene offer with regards to Solar panels?

At Camperdown Health and Hygiene, we offer Solar panel installations, including packages that are tailor made to individual or business needs. We also offer solar panel cleaning and maintenance services.

What is solar?

Solar is a renewable form of energy that produces power from sunlight. Panels are placed on a rooftop to capture sunlight and convert it to electricity for use in the home.

What happens on a cloudy or rainy day with no sunlight?

The panels will produce electricity, but it will be very limited — depending on how much light can get through the cloud layers. Homeowners with solar power will still be able to use traditional electricity from their local provider just as they did before the solar equipment was installed.

How much is the lifespan of a solar power system?

Most home/small office solar power systems have a lifespan of between 25 and 30 years. Usually, solar manufacturers guarantee that after 25 years of operation solar panels installed will generate about 80 % of the electricity they generated after system launch.

What maintenance will my solar system need?

When it comes to solar panels, they need to be maintained correctly to ensure that they continue to work in the correct way. The right maintenance will save you money by avoiding costly repairs through to ensuring that they are operating at their maximum level. During solar system lifespan (which is expected to last between 25 and 30 years) the following components must be replaced:

  •  Inverter and/or charge controller (if any) – every 10-15 years of operation
  • Batteries – every 5 years of operation

Is It Necessary to Clean Solar Panels?

After solar panel installation in your home, you are left wondering how to make the most out of your investment. The ideal way is to make sure that your solar panels have supportive conditions for generating electricity. This can be done by making sure your solar panels are clean. Clean panels increase the efficiency of the system and the system’s lifespan.


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